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Being a bilingual in Japan

From: Coco
Category: Other stuff
Date: 10 January 2004


Somebody told Aya "You are so judgmental". Aya asked what the "judgmental" mean. However I tried to explain it was so rude though, she didn't understand at all. Actually she judges everybody before knowing them though...

I am weblogging in English in spite of my mother tongue is Japanese. Actually there is a reason. Not because I am a returnee, because I need to develop my English skill for job and TOEIC score.

From my perspective, speaking another language requires me to think different from speaking/thinking in Japanese. I don't translate when I speak English. I don't like translating anything to another language. I am not good at it anyway. Because it is very difficult to translate or explain something on different cultural basis. I don't mean the word which is exist in only one language.People sometimes get it wrong though, almost 99% terms in one language can be translated to another language.The problem is that we can hardly translate culture or the way of thinking.

When I am speaking Japanese, I am thinking in Japanese. I try to suit the way of Japanese. I try not to insist on anything strongly in Japanese. Try to let them find out. Because it is the tradition of Japan. When I am speaking English at office or somewhere, I don't go around bush. Of course I insist when I need to. I am not MPD, but I think communicating in another language is very close to let the person who speaks this language grow up in yourself. You can not speak another language without understanding of culture, this country's practice and flexibility. Bilingual means not only the person who speaks two languages. but the person who lives in two different cultures.

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