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George Bush State of The Union Speech

From: Adam Smythe
Category: Other stuff
Date: 21 January 2004


Watching it live on my computer, so king monkey is a little out of focus.. the words he reads out are quite well written.. usual blather about how we invaded Iraq/ afghanistan for the noblest of reasons like educating little girls, not because we needed more heroin, oil, and revenge against the terrorists who were from Saudi Arabia.

The worst bit are the Soviet era standing ovations,at one point the congress of free men and women started applauding in the wrong place. One assumes they should be listening more carefully for their cues.

One question for King Monkey.. if the war on terror involves endless nasty wars against sovereign states, can it successfully replace the income generated by the irreplaceable global cold war.. will the most powerful country in the world always need a big scary enemy to define as evil then manufacture loads of weapons and propaganda to destroy. will there ever be a time when the billions spent on war can be spent on providing basic sustenance and healthcare to all of the valuable human lives in the world.

Or will 2000 American lives always be worth at least 2 billion non- rich country lives. Why does the repulsive christianity of American leaders ( remember Jesus:love thy neighbour as thyself etc..) only ever cover the misunderstood proscriptive things about gays and alcohol.

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