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From: The Thin White Duke
Category: TV
Date: 25 January 2004


TOTP returns in February with good old Steve Wright plugging the nations faves for another outing. About ten years ago i thought it would be a good idea if the BBC would re-run old footage from the TOTP archives - maybe I wrote in and told em? Anyway someone had the idea, probably Steve but I won't get miffed at him.

The prog fills BBC2 with 45 mins of music twice a week. Okay the choice of music can vary and I regularly check the website to see if it's going to be a dodgy episode.I mean Steve's a good DJ but his choice in music sometimes can get me slightly niffed off, maybe it's his humour of putting naff footage screened for a grey cells to absorb trashy unwanted head music, I wonder?

The usual suspects always get air play, T-rex, Adam Ant and yes of course Garth Brookes. BBC2, Steve or the producer like their Country and Western music and there's always one of them at the end of every show, pants. When Steve has guest presenters the choice of music is far greater - I enjoy the shows, maybe it's good taste.

Steve should open the vaults abit more and digout some real rare footage. How about songs from the unreleasd Stone's Film called 'Cocksucker Blues' where the guys are all on heroin! Cream at the Albert Hall the last Show. Pink Floyd's 'See Emily Play' or the unreleased footage of 'Scream thy Last Scream', other artists should include Jethro Tull, Small Faces, The Who, The Time, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Fairport Convention, Joni Mitchell, Bowie/Suede, Blur/Oasis, Adam Ant (he was a big fan of Prince in 1980), Wacko Jacko and ha, ha, Alan Partridge singing with Elton John at Brits 2000.

Just one TOTP2, no more Birdy songs, Five, Steps, Shania Twain, Di(l)do, Chuckle Brothers or any song from Simon Cowell or whats his face Waterman.

I should be so lucky.

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