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addicted to barbituals/fioricet--for 5 years when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer

Category: Other stuff
Date: 28 January 2004


Dr. Phil,

I am in need of serious help! I crave the drug, I quit drinking 5 years ago after I was beat up. Then I switch one for the other. I know I am hurting my 12-old son and I know he knows something is wrong with me. I take way too many pills, and it started when I had my first migraine at 18. I am not makiing an excuse, but things went out of control. I was raped at 21 at hell broke lose. I am 41 and I am in depression as well, cry all the time and basically hate myself! Please help me. I have called at least 20 support groups for pills and no one had any groups available for me. I am at a lost. I am still taking the pills due to the withdrawls I am getting, so I am taking the pills because it hurts when I don't. I don't want to die basically because I am a single Mom and I want to be around him for a long time. All I do is sleep after I take my son to school. I am weak because I don't eat, sleep, and I can't walk without falling down or someone helping me walk. I can't keep a job because all I do is cry and I am very emotional about anything and everything. I don't have any friends by choice because I don't want to explain why I am not working and don't ever come out of the house. My Dad has disowned me as well as my 2 brothers. My Mother is trying to help me in her own way. I believe they don't understand it, especially my Dad. I forgot to mention the drugs I am on are: Fioricet/barbituit? Basicallly a narcotic. I do take responsibility for this and I am not making any excuses, except for lying to everyone that knows me. I want to stop everything and feel good again. I used to be a very strong person until the rape. Please help me.

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