camden arts centre, London reopens with wool

From: Gummo
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 30 January 2004


http://www.camdenartscentre.org They have the worst acronym in the world: CAC, pronounced cack, but the place is all right. I was disoriented by the billion dollar renovations, it seems like they have about doubled the space, and also like we were in New York or somewhere, at the same time like nothing had changed. There are galleries and studio spaces, where bejeaned artists from the poor East are shipped in and displayed in cages for the entertainment of Hampstead's chattering classes.

A metaphor for contemporary life and art would be the mini sausages they served on banana leafs bathed in some slimy soy sauce concoction.They tasted good, however..

All my friends were raving about the brilliant Christopher Wool paintings on display. I was underwhelmed, they are tasteful bourgeois graffiti to be sold at high prices to collectors of monotone interior decor. Rachel Harrison had produced some lumps or something, with coke cans attached to them. They made little impression on me, and I made little attempt to understand them. So no hard feelings.

All in all in all in all. Great.