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Milton Mezzrow, a band, at 93 feet east bar, London

From: Patrick
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 02 February 2004


This evening had it all, or some of it depending on your half empty/full perspective, well it did have some bands playing after a session of short films. The films I saw, having arrived late and struggled through some cinematic rain deluging the ripping streets of the East, were witty and easy to enjoy. Made me wonder as usual, why full length mainstream and art films are so boring and uninventive, obviously large budgets create big compromises, but perhaps it is more that an hour of anything is just too much for our ADD times.

The band I refer to in the title of this review were introduced by a sort of joke compere singing elvis, who didn't bode well. But my misgivings were misgotten. Standing at the back of the bar, Milton Mezzrow seemed whiny and damn awful. As I approached the stage they got better and better, the two front performers, a girl and a boy, a man and a woman, with matching ringletted hair, and outre outfits, were throwing their heart and folk soul into it. The girl sang with great gusto, and a confident stage presence, vibrating her hips/pelvis sometimes even blowing a harmonica, whilst the boy, who had his eyes closed and sometimes turned hi sback as though doubly expressing his introversion, on his guitar contributing the odd vocal in his distinctive regional voice. One would like to hear him sing more,. They sangs songs, which I do not exactly remember or did hear the words of, which I think were about pain, politics, and love, but that is perhaps just what I wanted to hear.

They were good, anyway, and sometimes catchy, and made you feel that MM were sincere and talented, nevertheless. They climaxed with a song about ecstasy, with the girl (woman) graphically climaxing on her back. And somehow it seemed appropriate. Popular music: unsexist, not exactly sexy, more passionate.

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