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From: Film Reviewer
Category: Films
Date: 04 February 2004


Star Wars III will hit the screens next May, 2005. This review is an idea of a perfect Star Wars film which hopefully Lucas will pull off in the third and not so final episode. Rumours are circulating of filming 7,8, and 9 (which for all you not Sci-fi buffs means after Return of the Jedi - hum! Han Solo as a ageing dad with his wife Leia?) That mean Lucas won't finish filming until 2012! Anyway for now we wait for the Third film, the darkest most evil part of the prequels and certainly darker than Empire Strikes Back. The Journey of the wills, the rise of the Empire.


The film is the dark, action packed, the special effects are stunning and far greater than the last two previous films. The excellent title sequence disappears into the stars with the final text fading "One Jedi will destroy us...." the screen goes black. Ten Imperial Tie-Fighters(near to the same models as the first film)speeds across space and timely dock into an Imperial Star Destroyer. The film takes pace from the start with a mega battles between Count Dooko's army killing off the Jedi knights with his new Cloned Storm Troopers. The battle last more that half an hour. Through out the film massive and tiny battles are taking place across the universe as the Empire is taking its grip on the old republic. The Emperor takes centre stage and controls Anakins mind turning it against Obi. Anakin kills his wife and travels to Untitled planet to hid out while the Jedi's are still being destroyed. Like Darth Vader fighting Luke, Obi finally over throws Anakin nearly destroying him. Count Dooko tracks them down, Obi escapes the clutches of Count. Anakin is whisked off to an Imperial Star Destroyer the screen goes black. The Emperor and Darth Vader look out from the starboard of a Star Destroyer and a infamous sight is seen, a Death Star is being constructed by a nearing planet.

This film is the longest, 2hrs.45mins, darkest most thrilling episode so far and will bring back the imagination and spirit of the three originals. Lucas has brought the goods in this film putting him back in the spot light of a great visionary film maker.

Rated 9-10

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