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Valentine's night on British TV

From: TV nightmare
Category: TV
Date: 15 February 2004


My partner and I prepared to sit down and relax with wine and champagne chocolates on Valentines night - but did not expect the terrible viewing that was about to occur on that British Institute TV. We would have got a video but thought TV would provide the answer - we were wrong.

What a delightful list the TV producers had in store for us. BBC 1; National Lottery dum f*Łk programme if I did ever see one - The presenters are E rated stars and the viewers are just a bunch of wet sponges basically sitting eatting pizza and getting fat, soaking up the trash. More and more Football, I am not a football lover and my girlfriend hates it so BBC 1 eat my goal.

BBC 2 not much better a endless stream of War programmes probably only shown for war indoctorination and that golden oldie One Foot in the Grave more British Tea drinking garb.

ITV really good fun specially Sixth Sense (such a romantic film) Channel 4, An End of a Affair borrrrrrrrrring an not romantic. Channel 5 not even wasting my time on espically when Claude Van Dam is on.

TV Producers listen up! conception, conception, conception; Valentines Day you should put on romantic Films, programmes about love, music, sex, romance not football, ghost films shit like that. Save that for Halloween, autumn. Producers go with the calendar - plan your evenings with careful viewing programmes that really capture the day.

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