DonaldJudd at Tate Modern London

From: Slim
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 19 February 2004


If I don't understand Judd does that make me a stupid philistine. Because in the end all difficult art which clever people think is good IS good (in the past what I have dismissed has become what I love). I don't know. I searched to see the beauty in the manufactured materials, the sublime minimalism, the supremacy of cleanliness. The magic light of art failed to switch on in my brain.

The smell of plywood is the only sense memory I take away from the barren rooms of the modern. Tate modern seems to have a succession of shit shows in its ugly galleries. Judd I don't get. They're boring and don't take me anywhere. Please give me a clue to how I can like them. I want to be join the cogniscenti.