Air, Brixton Academy, 18/02/2004

From: Mark T
Category: Music
Date: 19 February 2004


This was almost like a religious experience. I hadn't chosen to go to this gig. Expecting an evening of quiet music and an ageing, stoned "sophisticated" audience, I was quite captivated by what I heard and saw - I found myself totally absorbed by their performance for nearly 2 hours, and still wanting more at the end.

Their performance was quite mesmeric. The band seemed almost shy - usually dimly lit from behind by reds and purples, they were rarely more than silhouettes. Swooping synthesised sounds with pumping, rhythmic guitars and strobe lighting sent me into quite a trance - on nothing more than two pints of lime and soda. The total effect was not unlike a good E - minus the unpleasant side effects.

There were a couple of tracks which left me thinking that their studio recordings don't do them justice. Kelly Watch the Stars and Sexy Boy were both played fast with some seriously impressive kilowatts of strobe lighting. Very boys-ey, but no less impressive for it. I'd love to see them again.