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Zoe and Dan's South American Adventures.:Don't mention the war....

Category: Other stuff
Date: 08 March 2004


Greetings from Buenos Aires.

We haven't written in a while, in fear of boring you all with tales of our exploits. To bring you up to date, since we last emailed we've....

- been on a long walk (5 days) in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, amongst stunning mountains and glaciers - been on a long boat trip (3 days) from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt, along the coast of Chile, amongst more stunning mountains and glaciers, with the added attraction of sealions, whales and dolphins that could be seen from the boat (although the whales are difficult to spot, you usually just see their spurts of water rising out of the sea) - had a couple of days in Santiago, where there were no glaciers to be seen. A fairly pleasant city, but not much to keep us there - spent a few days in Mendoza, back in Argentina, where we sampled many fine wines and visited some bodegas

For the last week we've been enjoying life in Buenos Aires. This is a great city and we would thoroughly recommend it as a holiday destination. Food and drink is great and incredibly cheap, there are good bars and restaurants, the weather is lovely, and the shopping fantastic. We've also been to two football matches, one at Boca Juniors and one at River Plate, where we've witnessed many GOOOLS and many fanatical fans. It would be easy to stay here. But it's time to move on again, and tonight we catch a nightbus to Iguazu Falls, on the Brazil/Argentinian border.

Next stop, Brazil, where we are expecting to receive awards for being the whitest people in the country.

Hope everyone is well and counting down the days until we get home - only one month and one week left!!!

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