Song Que Restaurant, Kingsland Road London.

From: Fratz
Category: Other stuff
Date: 13 March 2004


This was a good meal I had in this place. Andrew,my architect, and I decided to splash out (only 4.60) on the soup with steak, tenderloin, and tripe. And it was worth it The noodles, tender beef, broth, bean sprouts, and the extra bits they give you on a plate: the basil, chillis, or lime leaves or whatever they were, made it fun and tasty to eat. Three methods could be employed: the spoon, chopsticks, or bowl to head. A good start.

Next I had prawns stuffed into aubergines and bean curd in the kind of gelatinous sauce people cite when they express their dislike of slimy chinese food. But it was good and different, and I liked it. A very playful dish. Andrew had monkfish which also looked a bit snotty but tasted good.

All in all in all in all, a meal of unusual wholeness and taste for London. Song Que recommended above and beyond the other bourgeois clip joints on the kingsland road.