From: Sulaco
Category: Reviews of worldwidereview
Date: 24 March 2004


Regards to 60g:

Oh how 1968... The revolution won't be televized... or will it. I guess in Spain it was. The socialists ride in on 200 bodies thanks to the islamofascists of Al Quaeda. Who is the graver danger - "progressive aggressive but at times seeming oh so retro Spanish left" or the fun dundamentalists who put them in power? I dunno.

But Mr. 60g may I suggest that you update your vocab sirrah... It ain't gonna be the yankee dog who will getcha. It won't be that debased American culture that will put your mum in 50 different trees as London weeps.

Ah no... when the islamofascist come to win the British election I don't expect they will be blaring Britney Spears from loud speakers no sir oh no.

Y'all keep dreaming those left over used up dreams ya hear?