Zoe and Dan's South American Adventures.:All good things must come to an end

From: Zoe and Dan
Category: Other stuff
Date: 14 April 2004


It's almost over. We have had our Che tattoos surgically removed, the "Brazilian" has grown out, the beaded hair-wraps have been unravelled and the surf-board has been repossessed. Tragically you will be meeting us in a state of post-holiday malady combined with the impoverishment of unemployment. Fortunately while we are not lining up in East Dulwich DHSS for our Job Seekers allowance, we can sit in our local tanning shop taking comfort from our 1000 odd holiday snaps. Please help lift us from this malaise by pretending you enjoyed our updates and telling us you've been looking forward to seeing us.

We would like to thank you all for your unwavering attention over the last 6 and a half months. A slight level of disappointment has been registered by us due to your collective reticence to host a samba\lambada welcome party for us at Heathrow. Is this an oversight due to busy schedules?

So yes, we'll be back in London on Friday, and look forward to seeing you all very shortly...however if we manage to win the lottery on Saturday we'll be swiftly returning to Rio (which by the way is an amazing city).