COALESCE: Mingle Mangle London Print Studio >29 May

From: John Nepo
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 23 April 2004


An interwoven environment of contemporary print. Exhibition by Eduardo Padilha, Kathrin Böhm and Jaime Gili.

The bit I liked best was Gili's flyposting of an advertising hoarding down the road with one of his black and white star bursts: Fun and like those clever french guys in the 60s and looked good out of the sterile context of the worthy gallery. Padilha's sleeping bags are made out of old mattresses, which seems to say something, but not much that blows my mind. They have attempted to work together, which is a good idea, yet it just looks like they haven;t really got crazy enough, and that the individual artists are still in their comfort zones of reproduction of their motifs or ideas.