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Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

From: Amanda B
Category: Films
Date: 24 April 2004


I want to feel love without making myself vulnerable. I also want to fly and not have to leave the ground. K. BRADFORD BROWN

In BLADE RUNNER, Deckard compares himself to the replicants and Rachel, and realises that they have a limited future and are uncertain about what will happen, and then realises we as humans do as well - because we don't know what our future will hold (as well as recognising our mortality). Whereas this leads to insecurity because we want certainty, I think we have to realise it as the nature of life to be uncertain - unforseen circumtances happen - we don't neccessarily know what is around the corner. But if we are prepared to deal with life and it's unpredictability we can adapt and change to it. And life would be boring if we knew what was ahead.

All we can do in today, is pave the way for tommorrow and what we are aiming for. We can give it our best shot and perhaps know what we would like to happen and have goals, but all we can do about them is work on them today. Even if we don't know what our goals are, we can only do what we can now. Today is all we have, at the moment tomorrow does not exist and neither does yesterday - they are our dreams and our experiences, but our reality is now.

There are few guarantees in life. Think Deckard and Rachel riding off into the mountains whilst he does not know what the future will hold. But at least they are prepared to be going there together. I don't think life is what our expectations are - we have to let go of our preconceptions and allow it ot show us the way.

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