From: Fondazione Peano
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 01 May 2004


Invite and pressrealise for the installation "Monjoie" of Domenico Olivero at the Fondazione Peano of Cuneo.

This installation takes inspiration from the alpine tradition of the Monjoie, small pyramids of stones that are created during a pilgrimage toward the mariani sanctuaries present on the alpine mountains, both to sign the way and as a votive form. The project is divided into two parts one in the outside park constituted by the sculptures that are inspired in the seven deadly sins, another one in the inside space constituted by a great installation devoted to the theological virtues. The whole project has been thought on purpose for this particular occasional exhibition. In this stage the artist faces his personal language, the relationship with faith and his own spiritual needs.

This exhibition is part of a project for the entire year of 2004 that will take place in the Cuneo area of Italy. It is a meditative crossing by the artist on the subject of being in a particular place, influenced by a particular cultural tradition, as in this case by his sub-Alpine province. These works will be created by including social and family elements seen directly by the artist towards the discovery of his original hypothesis. The new will project take on the all-inclusive name of "Resonance: the Art of Attention". This is the fifth project.

This project "Monjoie" will be done at "Fondazione Peano from 08 to 15/May/2004 in 47, Corso Francia in Cuneo. Vernissage at 06,00 p.m. - Saturday 08/05/04.

For further information contact tel: +39.0171.603649 cell: +39 328 21.595.21 @: art_resonance@hotmail.com

Photo: http://art.supereva.it/artresonance/

General program: 28/01-20/02/04 "" visual action near the Albume's space of Cuneo 12-26/02 "Source" urban intervention in the center of Cuneo. 06-20/03 "tivogliobenemakefatica" artistic action near local radio/tv. 15-30/04 "27Aprile" installation near Plaid's space. 08-15/05 "Monjoie" sculpture near Fondazione Peano June "Pluch" performance in Contrada Mondový. July "Lippa" artistic simulation. August "Antesna " environmental intervention. September "There was always some dessert" sculptures. October "Dispatches" apparent advertising. November " Aktionen" show. December "Ordito" project web.

Thanks for your attention and best regards.

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