From: Mr White
Category: Other stuff
Date: 02 May 2004


LAST year I caught verrucas on my right foot, so I bought a verruca treatment from the chemist. Six months later they were still there.

So I booked an appointment with my local GP, who I have been with since the age of four.

I told them I had moved and now was living in Wales - the receptionist said: 'Because you live in Wales, it would be not possible for the doctor to come out - you will have to find a surgery near you.'

So I have my last appointment with the GP and tell him my situation about my verrucas and the fact I have to find a new practice.

He said: 'You can carry out your foot treatment here because you will be waiting a long time in other health centres.'

After a few treatments my verrucas were starting to disappear, but then I receive a letter from the health centre - the doctors have decided that I must find a new practice.

Great, I am half-way through my verucca treatment and now I have to stop going and f ind a new health centre. So back in May, my girlfriend starts phoning up local surgeries to f ind out when the earliest verruca treatment is available - most health centres say in July.

I pick the nearest health centre and book an appointment. This health centre didn't give me an appointment card with the date and time. I had to write the date and time down on the letter which was given to me by my last doctor - I thought nothing of it.

In the week I am waiting for my appointment I become sick, my neck was starting to swell up - still didn't have a GP.

The day of the registering in with my new doctor, I phone up the centre to check the time, no answer, phone again, no answer. By this time it's getting on so I go for my appointment. The receptionist says I have missed my registering in with this doctor, he doesn't want to see me and I should go somewhere else.

I am fuming, I am ill, stressed and still haven't had my verrucas sorted.