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Re: Llangollen Restaurant (Bad experience)

From: Remi
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 06 May 2004


Bad restaurant experiences are not to be winced at. Yesterday, I ate fish and chips and some of my companion's doner kebab. However, only I suffered the iniquity of getiing bad wind, stomach cramp and a bizarre sort of fever in the evening, that disappeared overnight. Luckily, I was given an extra duvet. My sickness may have been compounded by the disquieting science project we were both trying to complete as I struggled to master the finer points of Excel. Honey came from the dead lion, was I woke at 5am, recovered and banged away at my keyboard and successfully completed my aspirin project even though, I am still unable to print the colour sections.

Like Amanda B., I noticed the none too pleasant state of the restaurant's staff nail conditions yesterday and I wonder if this is a sign of poor service and cuisine in all circumstances? There was a sickly smell of frying, in the background which might be linked to the high incidence of cardio-vascular diseases of those people who frequent these establishments. Perhaps, as a sort of carrot to the donkey, the experience was worsened by the earlier visit we had made to Rembrandt's, a silver service restaurant. In fact, we had studied in much detail most restaurants in King's Lynn, only to find that they were all shut for the afternoon.

By some strange twist of fate, the restaurateur at the kebab emporium, gave us a flat rate of 10 for our two meals. Maybe this establishment will qualify next year for the Times token offer.

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