Tamara De Lempicka: Art Deco Icon until 30th August

From: Jane Scott
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 12 May 2004


Strange opening: lots of gray hairs, people who had lent paintings, ie rich people who think they're smart because they like art. Waiters were serving maritinis which can be dangerous, I managed to drink 4 without adverse effect except for restlessness.

Shuddup about the fucking party, what were the paintings like? you scream at your computer. They are like Beryl Cook crossed with Otto Dix. The colours are vivid, her 20s decadent people are striking. They're great in a way, but don't approach painting greatness. You can see why celbs like them as decorations. Ok?

The crisps and nuts were high quality but there was a disappointing lack of canapes. The list of people who had been invited for the special dinner, printed out and displayed on an easel, attracted as much interest and inspection as some very fine constable paintings.