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Cinnamon Girl

From: Joe Public
Category: Music
Date: 22 May 2004


Who is the Cinnamon Girl and what does the title relate to the lyrics of the new single by Prince?

I have heard this song played a few times on Radio 2 I was interested in reading the lyrics to understand the politics behing the song. Prince's most commercial pop 7" for social commentary was 'Sign of the Times'and perhaps a earlier attempt with 'Ronnie Talk 2 Russia'.

We know that Prince has borrowed this title from a famous song by Neil Young "I want to live with a cinnamon girl -So I can be happy the rest of my life With a cinnamon girl".

Prince's Cinnamon Girl is about the Iraq war in simple religious terms. Prince's use of Neil Youngs title is a metaphor for the people affected by the war. It is not his best song but is a step in the right direction. The single probably won't fly because it's hollow, tinny and yes the lyrics don't stand up to his Sign of the Times quality but the guy needs a break.

As war drums beat in Babylon Cinnamon girl starts 2 pray Eye've never heard a prayer like this 1 Never b4 that day

Tearful words of love 4 people she had never met b4 Asking God 2 grant them mercy in this face of a holy war

Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl of mixed heritage Never knew the meaning of color lines 911 turned that all around When she got accused of this crime

So began the mass illusion, war on terror alibi What's the use when the god of confusion keeps on telling the same lie?

Cinnamon Girl

Don't cry, don't shed no tears 1 night won't make us feel Cause we know how this movie's ending

Cinnamon Girl

As war drums beat in Babylon And scorch the blood red sky Militants bomb the foreign gun Both sides truly die

Cinnamon girl opens the book she knows will settle all the scores Then she prays after the war that there will not b anymore

Cinnamon Girl

Is George Bush Cinnamon Girl?

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