Mega Bus 3 hours with out a toilet

From: Hildred Lester
Category: Other stuff
Date: 30 May 2004


Mega bus sounds exciting. Massive, fat comfey, cartoon like, with rounded edges like new vehicles have these new days. In actual fact it is a naughty London double decker in clumsey disguise rolling away from its home. It is out of its uniform, in home clothes or 'mufti'as some like to say. Its new outfits are jazzy hawaiian prints, multi-coloured exotic leaves for seat covers. But like school dinners attempting some foreign food day its fabric is still the prickley carpet like stuff we have felt before. The pattern is a bright customer friendly pattern to hide the stains and grime of other dirty cheapskates that have gone before. Mr Driver is almost out of his cage, he still has a door to prevent public from gaining unnecessary access to him waist down, it is the glass that is not there exposing him to the elements and physical abuse. If you are feeling home sick, you can gaze at the reassuring red bell. There would be no harm in just reaching out and pressing the button, shutting your eyes and imagining your self in the warm embrace of London.

This bus is not accustomed to the fast pace of life out side its father land. The motor way and uncongested roads are tough. A bumpy ride makes it difficult for me to read the small print of my book. Mega bus is good for being what it is - a long uncomfortable journey that is cheap, offering time for reflection, consideration of other passengers, and some quality 'me' time. The journey was half an hour earlier than expected - you would n't get that kind of service from the Great Western Railway!