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From: blanca coast
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 02 June 2004


with a subterranean subect matter of the olympic games 04 never realised in puerto rico, 50 artists are gathering together in the town of rincon, under the flag of mmproyectos (a group of people working for the arts in the island) all bringing their own projects to this truly paradise feeling spot.

gilda mantilla and raymond chavez have organised two workshops with locan people in the area, one to make a fishing boat, or yola, with a genious fisherman handyman who has build more than 500 boats in his life, called potuco. another workshop will teach how to mix plants (injerto), and is by rosado, a plant grower from the area. this project is about enthusiasts and artists finding and using their energy to develop new information and encourage more projects bubu negron has enlightened again a sugar cane factory chimney which was derelict and not working for more than 50 years. people living around the area, and perhaps familialy related to the history of the plant, were emotinal all the week by seeing people working on it and it fuming again. jaime gili and armando andrade have collected broken surfboards and skills from local shapers to make a 24 ft long longboard made of 12 different pieces. it can navigate fast with up tp 5 people and is taller than solme palmtrees, and available for use by other artists and surfers allike. polonka lovsil is going around houses in a working class neighbourhood, collecting refurbishments and customisations of the houses on video. she is from lituania and is certainly having a life work changing experience. luis romero from venezuela has printed posters by the participating artists, in a very old typography in caracas, and posted them around the village. one of them says "it didn't take place it doesn't mean it didn't happen" tadej pojacar is organising the torch relay around the town, and federico herrero has painted all the common areas with elements that make the viewer realise how beautiful also the architecture of the house is. the house where things are happening is the common area, people can sleep in the hammocks designed by bubu negrón and pablo leon de la barra around it, and also in the tents provided. the organisation of the event is fantastic including an immense crew of volunteers from the art school and beyond. click the link for more information and do it again soon when all the projects are up. and then pr04... there is also a radio stream by bill o'shea enyoyen!!!!!!!!

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