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Man views House indicates housing market crash, don't miss the bus

From: indolent
Category: Other stuff
Date: 04 June 2004


The viewers of my house give me bad vibes that we are living in a UK property bubble about to burst. When your paper boy gives you stock tips..... The so-called investors who come round seem over-excited by the riches to be made from the perpetually rising price of houses. When it all seems too good to be true it usually is false. There is fever in the air. The 50ish man who came yesterday told me his entire property life story, from a Wood Green two bed for 9,500 in the 70s to a half a million 5 bed in Surrey in 2004.He told me some of the room sizes of the houses he ahd passed through, so the tale took a while. There were years of struggle and stagnation, a sceptical wife, but he's got there, you don't want to miss the bus. Now he wants a house for his second son who's at University in Newcastle, he missed the bus with the Northern boom and wants to get his son's foot on the property ladder.

I suggested the bus sometimes crashes. But he'd done his research and read the paper and told me the worst case scenario he envisage was a bit of flatness, but no smash. He's also just bought a holiday flat in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a luxury apartment of 1800 square feet, for 40,000 pounds, hadn;t consulted his wife. I joked that I should move to Dhaka myself. No, he loved his country, England, too much for that, who could leave London. He left me, this nice man, shaking my hand with both of his, and congratulating me for my courageous property purchase. I haven't missed the bus.

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