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Paul Klee et la Nature de l'art - une devotion aux petites choses, Strasbourg Musée de l'Art Moderne et Contemporain

Category: Exhibitions
Date: 08 June 2004


Being the first Sunday of the month, it was free to enter the gallery, so I was already feeling pleased. The exhibition contains over 200 works by Klee, as well as various scientific drawings and models of plants, which gives you a way of getting into Klee's work if you so desire. This was one of those rare exhibitions where the works benefit by being seen as part of a large body of work - often this has the effect of making things seem repetitive, but I am glad to say this was not the case. Particularly brilliant were the watercolours, which have more sutble tone ranges than his oils and guaches, and are just stunning when you seem them for real.

After this, I wandered round the rest of the gallery - and I stumbled on another temporary exhibition, Homme Animal, which included some Hartfields and a series of Max Ernst illustrations. But the rest of the gallery seemed less interesting after the Klee - the usual immediately identifiable, yet not so great Picasso, a Monet that was OK, but nothing special. When I got to the top floor, I walked quickly through the flickering TV filled contemporary galleries, on to the cafe/restaurant. This has a great location, with a sunny terrace overlooking the river, but it is obviously a very popular meetingplace for Sunday lunch as the entire terrace was reserved, and half the inside. It also has a rather chi-chi air. I seated myself in one of the few free places, and order a coffee and pain au chocolat. Tastly, and not quite as expensive as the white tablecloth surrounding would suggest.

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