From: Chloe
Category: Other stuff
Date: 24 June 2004


Being pregnant

I'm sure most of you, or least some, have done this before. Seriously old hat, but not for me. I'm actually VERY pregnant, at 36 weeks, out the the expected 40. I have been very lucky, no major hassles ( of the biological, physical kind) haven't been sick, no major food aversions. I can eat as much as I like, it's fantastic, although in very small amounts as stomach room is very squished.

Seeing the baby on the monitor for the first time happened very early for me, as I had a miscarrage scare. It resembled a small olive, with a heartbeat. Happily, it grew and grew, until it became apparent I wasn't just a fat bird, that there was something, some thing, alive inside of me, kicking my innards hard.

First kick felt like a whole swarm of tadpoles wriggling. Luckily for me, the wriggle didn't remain like this for very long, and soon identified itself as a definate kick. Now we play interactive baby, as I lie on my back my fella, Dan, rests his hand on appropriate place on stomach, presses and it responds with an almighty wallop. Makes Dan feel less abstracted, more as a family unit already. It is not as expensive as everyone makes out, I am using old fashioned terry nappies for environmental + economy reasons and even they only cost 50-100, plus washing bills. You get given a whole heap of hand-me-downs, and we have probably spent under 500 on baby stuff, 300 on near clothes mainly for work. This is spread out over almost ten months, so no great hurry. What motherhood will bring, i can only guess, but it has been truly joyous watching it grew inside. Total strangers come up and TALK to you, how very unbritish! Not just women either. You suddenly have a historic, eternal link with practically every human, ever. Nice.

I recommend the exeperience, in a big, soppy, love bundle of a way. Go multiply!