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Farenheit 9-11, What Will Kerry do Now?  june 26, 2004

From: Sarah Sue Roberts
Category: Films
Date: 27 June 2004


My reaction after the movie: "What's Kerry going to do now???"

I know the general public reaction to this movie will probably be to want to vote in the presumptive democratic nominee Kerry, but, I wonder what would they think if they knew that Kerry wants to continue the supression of Iraq, and has claimed that if Bush would just step up the level of military and police presence there, that he'd be behind Bush 100% (Kerry says this on his website).

"If the President will take the needed steps to share the burden and make progress in Iraq if he leads *then* *I* *will* *support* *him* [Yes BUSH] on this issue....." - John Kerry (

What would the American people think if they knew that their only choices this November are BOTH in favor of staying in Iraq!?!?!?!?!?!?!? It made me feel angry, confused, and curious to see what Kerry's response will be. I don't think he will be able to change his position a) because he will look like a waffler and b) because he's already got his corporate buddies that he is promising pipelines and drilling to;

So, has this movie hurt or helped the democrats? honestly, Kucinich (our only other democratic candidate still running, who always has been against this war) might be our only chance now, but how can that happen unless by a miracle at the DNC, all the delegates decided to suddenly vote for Kucinich, not Kerry? and is that even legal or possible!?!?!?!

Sarah Sue

PS. i was wishing I had remembered to wear my kucinich tee shirt to f.9-11 last night; I forgot, but I will hopefully be going back a second time with my tee shirt on.

The selective services is being geared up and MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO DIE IN IRAQ IF KERRY OR BUSH IS ELECTED.



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