15 Storey High BBC2 Sundays May/ June 2004

From: Chloe
Category: TV
Date: 30 June 2004


Flicking between channels one Sunday evening, I was delighted to happen upon an amazing new TV series, taken originally from Radio 4 called 15 Storeys High. It is written and starred in by comedian Sean Locke, who I don't mind admitting total ignorance towards his existance until now. It is set in a grim tower block in Kennington. Vince, a pedantic no friends social misfit, is a swimming pool attendant. He lives with his flatmate, the long suffering Errol, a softly spoken northerner of Chinese origin. Errol tries to get Vince to realise when he is being at the least pedantic and small minded, at the worse intolerant. Both are pretty hopeless with women, but at least Errol has a heart of gold. The show has a slow 'The Office' like pace, and flits between weirdos and fellow inhabitants of grey conurbation, and Vince and Errol's antics. This includes stealing a plough from a pub and inadvertantly discreting a graveyard, ridding the tower of a pigeon women with an eye patch and playing ping pong against the geekiest people ever.

One episode does feature Bill Bailey as the guitar teacher so enraptured with his own talent, he can't be bothered to teach, he just does self indulgent solos until poor student buggers off in irritation and vexation. There really are too many well observed quirky moments to mention, but I truly rate this show as the best sitcom/ comic series I have seen for years.