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Lost in translation + Amorros Perras ( Life's a bitch) July 04

From: Chloe
Category: Films
Date: 04 July 2004


Just to contrast two films I have seen this week. First 'Lost in translation' was something I avoided like the plague when it was at the flicks. I don't really care for Bill Murray, whoever he has recently grown on me after watching lots of Wes Anderson films (Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore). Set in Tokyo, Coppola (that's Sofia, not Frances Ford) manages to capture enigmatic quailties of international travel's isolation, absolute disorientation (both social, cultural and actual), sleeplessness, and finally attraction between two people that springs up after being totally out of sorts.

The idea of Bill trundling around Tokyo with a twenty something beauty half his age, really did not appeal at first. But that does not discribe the attraction between Bob ( Murray) and Charlotte ( Scarlett Johannson). They tune into each other, admidst chaos and alien, bizarre and often beautiful surroundings of hi-tech hyper modern Japan. The film encapsulates the schitzophrenia of the clash of the modern and the ancient, the spiritual and the disposable. The camera just wanders, as the eye does, in utter disbelieving amazement at all there is to see. The film is funny too; some seriously weird strip joints, a Britney Spears like film star holding a conference...

I know this film is old news as everyone else caught it at the cinema, but I rate it enough to see it many times ( something i usually hate).

Amorros Perras was very violent, with more injured animals than I could cope with, set in Mexico with Gael Garcia, I really liked ' ..and your mama too'. This one was a bit too fucked up for me to care about any of the characters, including bank raids, many dog fights and a car crash. Superbly shot, as always by the same director...not impressive enough to even whisper about.

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