spiderman 2 two a film movie

From: marker
Category: Films
Date: 18 July 2004


spiderman doesn't take the bus. all due credit: this film is enjoyable enough to gross half a billion dollars. that doesn't mean its very good. its sort of like a computer game with some good scenes, but without anyone trying to knit them together. seems half finished, there are plotline like the skinny landlord's daughter which go nowhere, and the ending is merely a teaser for another a sequel. You could say this is authentic comic-book style, but that would be mistaken as the this movie has no coherent tone, veering between romance, irony, dumb action, and horror. Dr Octo is good, and the clanging noise of the film, and soaring music, distract from the fact that even the graphics aren't that good. Spidey look too smooth as he swing through digital cityscapes.

Sure, sure, I got enough bang for my buck.