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Regulars - last visit 28th May 2004

From: Raucous Wrinklies
Category: Other stuff
Date: 01 August 2004


Mr Dickens would be rolling in his grave...

Not sure where Fatz & Val went. Although the venue sounded right, surely they ate elswhere or perhaps it was an off-night for the chef who has since departed.

This is one of our regular haunts and a special local treat for ourselves with or without overseas guests when we aren't gracing the tables at the Ivy, but then we're not paying the prices either...

Not sure why Fatz was so disappointed with the steak, as it is our regular choice and have never been disappointed, especially since the chef certainly knows how to present a rare choice, given that most British chefs appear to have a fear of blue. However, perhaps Fatz & Val should give it another go, as the chef has changed since they were last there and Manager Richard told us at our last visit that they have changed suppliers recently, and take pride in the improved quality of their produce, which is even better than before. Although, we have never been disappointed in our choices in the past.

Another favourite light choice is the monk fish, which is more appropriate for smaller appetites.

Sadly, although we are regulars6, we have not tried Charles Dickens' favourite, the whitebait, so no comments, but highly recommend the chili squid starters, especially since the chef has recently enhanced this wonderful dish with a sprinkling of gentle slices of chorizos - yum!

But the one thing I must mention before closing this review is the superb dispositon of all staff and their attentiveness, as can be evidenced by those previous reviewers who got some response to their complaints. A quality that this raucous wrinkly misses from life across the pond.

So our rating is good value with attentive service and we will be proudly celebrating a big 5 arrival at historic TT this year with guests from across the pond and the continent!

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