Work life and frienliness in london

From: G.I Anthonburg
Category: Other stuff
Date: 12 August 2004


He looks happy and once I have seen him with what looks like a grandchild. I am content with this level of interaction.

The postman is friendly, when he pops in to hand over the letters, but should I pass him on the street there is no acknowledgement or signal of recognition. May be he doesn’t recognise me. The UPS guy is friendly, but this will always remain in the framework of the work space. He zooms off in his brown van. Unlike the slow old man who I used to see at least twice in a day if I saw him once – his commute to shops took up a considerable part of his daily routine

My friendliness with customers is more subjective, I can’t do the routine daily impersonal familiar friendliness, unfortunately I am supposed to be friendly, though I am told by certain sources that I am snobby and fearsome, …intimidating the rich and a few famous? I am not so sure. Anyway I prefer to studiously ignore the fame of actors, politician, etc. and treat them with the distain they don’t deserve. I unsuccessfully attempted to force Mandelson in to purchase of white dish as wedding present, squeezing him in to 10 minute before we shut corner of decision making. He left hurriedly, partner tiredly trailing behind.

The window cleaner is a friendliness frontier that I, weekly, have to deliberate crossing, never wanting to give to much friendliness permission.

The lady at the bus stop who shared her umbrella with me, a fine amount of friendliness on a rainy day.

The little girl on the bus I jealously discover is universally friendly, after our conversation about nursery, and though I smiled at her today I can see that she is the one who decides.

These are my ponderings as I gaze on the passing world, though not much passes by on the stuffy street where I work. Considering the snobbery and hostility of my colleagues when young men/men/boys/lads/kids/youths (depending on how you see this catagory of people) penetrate without their cords, pink shirts (collar up) broges which they have carelessly forgotten to buy and now stand, baggy jeaned in the vessel I think that generally friendliness is good, a antipathy in the face of prejudice is not bad either.