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Kalendar, a cafe, swains lane, hampstead. london uk world

From: fatz
Category: Other stuff
Date: 13 August 2004


This part of london seems to have no name, its near the parliament hill bit of the heath, thatsall. Swains lane has a nice rhyming ring to it though. The way I normally indentify the area is by saying it's where Cafe Mozart is, or by the tennis courts. A mopey little neighbourhood, though not as bad as South End green, or Kentish town, which are really in the doldrums of north london life, and can make you suicidal with their high property prices and low spirits.

Anyway Cafe Mozart, that home of grumpy old couples exchanging a few unpleasant sentences, has a flashy new rival Germanically called Kalendar. The area if it has a character is probably old world Austro-German-Jewish, with Mozart serving kugel and kaffee, and franfurters and sauerkraut. Kalendar, bang nextdoor to Mozart, and also with pavement tables for people watching, shouts out its newness with a board offering Monmouth organic coffees, and other orgasmic organic delights. So weary of the put-upon and unfriendly waitresses of Mozart (no cake, no cake, therefore no tap water) we decided to take the plunge into new cafe waters.

What shall I report? More expensive, better things to eat. Slower service. More mothers, and less oldsters. Milkshake overpriced at 3, not thick and not plentiful enough. Juice good, but also too small. Hamburger and chips excellent and filling, proper meat on ciabatta with swiss cheese and a pickle. Eggs benedict looked nice, and ham reported to be excellent. Range of deli sandwiches, and fancier mains.

Mozart has a worthy rival, and perhaps some of the old people might remove the gherkin from their asses, and smile.

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