Kill Bill AND Kill Bill 2          21/8/2004

From: Jon
Category: Films
Date: 21 August 2004


In response to previous review.

Kill Bill 1 could be said to be a series of fights with no or little story, but its supposed to be that. Kill Bill 1 is the questions and KB2 answers them. This explains why KB2 has tons more plot and less action.

As for it being rubbish definately a matter of opinion but not one I share. The art / composure of the film is realy incredible, the fights themselves are well choreographed and the anime sequence!? All in a quality film.

Personally I felt KB2 was a bit of a come down but after watching it a few times I saw more than before. Like all of Tarantinos films it has loads of subtleties, timing and hidden meanings and references.

I look forward to the planned "Directors cut" of both films as one epic which I believe might have made Kill Bill a truly great film.

Watch the film(s).