Re: the olympics athens 2004

From: Eva
Category: Other stuff
Date: 23 August 2004


Olympic body watching is not a new sport, as the ancient greek athletes Olympic body watching is not a new sport, the ancient Greek athletes competed naked precisely for this purpose. It is fascinating seeing the different body types that are required for different sports, and I wonder whether having a body built in a certain way predisposes a sports person to choose a particular sport, or whether the development of the muscles results from that choice. Certainly different groups of muscles are used for aerobic and for anaerobic exercise. Apparently the ladies beach volley ball rules forbid the wearing of too much kit. Why is that?

As for nationalism, that's a very difficult one. The propaganda value of the games seem so variable now. If you have digital interactive you can see how many gold, silver and bronze medals each country has won. Mongolia won a medal for wrestling. Many of the world largest nations, like India and Brazil, have won next to no medals so far. This could be a result of lack of financing of the Olympic team, and/or less interest in these games. Nationalism of this sort is now aimed at propaganda for within the country, rather than the older USA vs USSR Olympic games nationalism that seemed as much aimed at external as internal effect.

Finally, you asked who cares? I saw Paula Radcliffe drop out of the Olympic marathon last night and I was very much touched. I care god damn it! I admire these athletes who are working so hard and trying to be the best at what they do and I want to be more like them, sat in my sofa to watch them before being inspired to get up and run around the room.