Jack Vettriano

From: jack
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 01 September 2004


Vettriano is a very bad artist. At best we could say he is average. I fear that as his paintings sell for greater and greater prices, his reputation will swell like an unburstable bubble, and people (experts and common folk) will be unable to distinguish the extraordinary prices from the very ordinary paintings. Dumbos everywhere will rejoice as this popular, scorned by the elite (who must be shown to be idiots and snobs), will be welcomed into museums and the like, and hailed as Britain's Hopper. Hopper is overrated but at least he painted his own times in a slightly original and beautiful way. Vettriano is an unmitigated stiff painter and crappy sexist nostalic sentimentalist.

Moral of the tale, bad is good if it costs a lot.