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Tropic of  Capricorn by Henry Miller continued

From: Jonathan
Category: Books
Date: 06 September 2004


Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller continued Miller’s “cunts” may be rich in variety and come in different styles and types. In them are the characters of the women, but the characters of women are not really extended beyond their cunts. If Miller’s women are developed further than this they are usually ‘dumb’ or ‘hysterical’ like his sister or mother in this book.

He acknowledges, at least, that women like sex, and at least he does not romanticise any relationships I’ve read so far. Though he romanticises his own life style and may be that is as bad. His straight forward attitude to fucking is a relief, and I found it to be sexy some times, as well as his candid description of getting money out of women. A break from the sexist notion that men should be the provider and buy every thing. But then again the woman is the abused victim, dumb. I can’t quite decide if I hate the women for their stupidity (having seen men successfully get money out of women my self in the past – the women tempted by the prospect of sex and ignorant that they are being used) or if I hate the men for their callousness. I think that I am probably just afraid of the idea that I my self could be reduced to cunt status, nothing more, but when I remember how I might do the same it doesn’t seem so bad. People talk to those they could fuck, and ignore those who they can’t or would n’t want to fuck. Men and women.

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