fathers 4 justice

From: ed
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 13 September 2004



this the website of the guys who throw purple flour bombs at mps, and climb onto ledges dressed as batman. They seem to be very clever and motivated at publicity and one wonders what effect they could have if they had a more radical cause such as equality for poor people. I am not sure of the ins and outs of their ideas, but prima facie I think they are probably wrong, we still live in a very sexist (discriminating against women, stereotyping women, and sometimes underestimating men's possibilities) society, and the legal rights women have to see their children etc or mostly a long needed righting of wrongs and just, becasue women most often and more than men, of course both bear children, and bring them up. I imagine though their are a few, (a lot to those that suffer cases) of men getting the shit end of the stick. But generally it is only in our times that women have had much legal protection against a ton of shit.