60 minutes..September 15, 2004 --- Dan Rather asking questions about the services of Our President of the United States of America

Category: TV
Date: 16 September 2004


Why does Dan Rather ask his questions regarding President Bush's National Guard duties and requirements try to be detrimental to the Presidential Campaign of 2004? Why does he even investigate President Bush's Military service and record? What does he hope to gain by his interview about President Bush's National Guard Service? Does he not want President Bush to win a second term as President of the United States by putting doubt(s) in the eyes of the voters in the USA and the electoral college?

Is he TV's news commentator emeritous and can be exempt from being reviewed for his 60-Minutes TV Program? Why did he not ask similar questions about John Kerry's role in the Vietnam conflick and equal length of time? Is he a John Kerry Democrat?

He even went to IRAQ and interiewed Saddam Hussein! He should have been barred from any future TV news commentator for this action. That was NOT news, he was trying to gain a high level capacity as a news commentator in the eyes of the public! Who supported Dan Rather doing this assignment?

Who approved his Passport to complete that assignment?

Did Dan Rather serve his country during World War II? Was he a "Conscientious Objector? Did he go to Canada to escape from being called to serve in the United States Armed Forces at that time? If he were in World War II, did he have the respect due from his superiors and fellow servicemen?

Who can believe anything that was accomplished during this particular 60-Minute Show?

He was a disgrace to the serice of CBS for this commentary!