Time Out Country Walks Vol 2, Hastings to Rye

From: Eva
Category: Books
Date: 02 November 2004


Beautiful walk well worth taking a day off work to do. First part very rigorous, but stunning views of cliffs. Intense colours too - slate grey next to open blues of sea and sky, against deep russets, golden siennas and surprisingly bright emerald greens. Clean air. Soft ground.

We caught the train at 9am and this was too late, I suggest you start at 8am from London if you want to make it to Rye before nightfall. Also phone ahead to check that the suggested lunch stop (The Smugglers) is open. We were famished by the time we got there and in desperate need of a break it's closed on Mondays. The second half of the walk was along a canal, then into a muddy field. We didn't see a single other soul for hours.

Total distance = 19km, but you can shorten it to 14km if you take the bus at Winchelsea.

Many rich people live in Rye.