The Corporation a film

From: Fitzroy
Category: Films
Date: 09 November 2004



Sat in the wrong seats, two people, separately, said we could stay where we were, but would have to move, you know, if someone claimed their new seat. What generosity and unselfishness!

This film is long and quite boring, but the subject, greedy disgusting capitalism, is a good one to entertain self-righteous bourgeoiss. It's part of the fad for right-on documenetaries and had the usual style of talking heads juxtaposed with all sorts of bits of old film illustrating what they are talking about. MTV crossed with Eisenstein. Michael Moore, to supersize me, to this, they're all too frightened to call for a communist revolution, that would be toooooooo much, the best we can hope for is organic milk from happy cows to be served in our lattes. That's what we want, and we want it to go.