Marcel Broodthaers at Fordham Gallery London

From: R
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 19 November 2004



Perhaps Belgium Broodthaers is underknown and underexhibited in England because of his somewhat unpronounceable looking name, the English like to avoid embarrassment when it comes to pronunciation.

The work looked rather old hat (magritte's?) but I am sure it was original at some point in the history of art. The gallery, a vaulted barnlike space, was lit up only by the shutter of a dozen or so slide projectors playing out a surrealish sequence of retro images, and so a pretty effect was created in the dark. The crowd were classifiable by their shaggy haircuts (varied with the long at the back look) and dark clothes, and general scruffy appearance which together seemed to signify a seriousness and antimaterialism and conformity not inappropriate to the art.