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Atlantis Art Shop London

From: Jane Scott
Category: Other stuff
Date: 29 November 2004


7-9 Plumbers Row, London, E1 1EQ. Tel: 020 7377 8855

Typical, they don't even have a website. Everything seems like too much trouble to the staff of this, by comparison, quite cheap art shop. Art materials, from those tiny tubes they sell to amateurs in provincial towns, to hand-made M. Harding with their archival quality ingredients and self-important purity a tseven hundred pounds for the brightest of cadmiums, seem to command a premium beyond their use value of producing worthless art(artistically and in market value).

Atlantis is meant to be a sort of brash warehouse for bargain materials sold to the masses and art students.(compare it to the austere Fitzpatricks down the road where all the artists who fancy themselves get stuff). Yet some of what it sells can be bought cheaper at tiny Fitzpatricks(142 Cambridge Heath Rd London E15QJ tel 020 7790 0884),who like art shops of yore add on the VAT at the counter for some peculiar reason. Atlantis is extremely careful about giving out its measly student discount... the mostly young, haughty, and rather miserable staff will really make a stand, giving you the usual rigmarole about ITS Policy, to avoid giving a reduction to an un-properly IDed fellow young person. Also annoying are its poor layout, out of stockness of certain media, and toilet with key which has to be got from counter. Sort of shop which acts like they're doing you a favour by selling you something. Canvas cutters are often quite pleasant.

Someone open a proper art shop which sells paint at European prices.

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