David Blunkett

From: rr
Category: TV
Date: 15 December 2004


they will hound him until's he goes.

http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/inside/org/ministers/blunkett.htmlBasically an affair with a married woman is the reason, and his desire to get access to his children. technicalities will be what bring him down. Moralism throws the spotlight on a life, and in any political life there must be some corners cut, some favours done, some influence used for vanity, and privately no one lives according to the billion rules that define our bureaucratic state. And the outraged and the criticizers and the hairsplitters, and the clever who find ever new ways to clothe their accusations of immorality in the garments of present-day ethics.. do they ever turn the torch, the flash light back in their faces, makes shadows on their sneering visages, and ask themselves do they follow their own rules when anything of importance is at stake (money, love, power) or whether they would want to live in a world peopled by the fanatics who could live without sin through faith in their own insanity.

Blunkett is guilty, and so are we all.