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H Pisces - 'The Attraction of Innocence' EP

From: Samantha Seymour, Freelance Writer
Category: Music
Date: 21 December 2004


My copy of this EP arrived in simple packaging one rainy morning. This would be a test. Anything that can perk me out of this grey gloom can't be a bad thing, I thought to myself. So who are these guys anyway? The album cover suggested international participation. Interesting. Into my way-too-clever-for-its-own-good stereo system the disc went.

And wait. The first track 'Waste Some Time' grabs the speakers. Is it funk? Nope. Too rocky for that. Slamming though. Reminds me of a few things which I can't recall for some reason. And it smells like cookies. Great harmonies I remember and ethereal guitar lines juxtapositioning my mood along with themselves. This is a track I could easily listen to again. So I look again to my CD box and the second track, 'Dream Away' takes me on a journey, although to where I'm not exactly sure. The sub bass on this track sounds amazing on my system, and the lyrics here seem to be meaningful although I'll need to hear this one again too. Track 3, 'Will You' sounds really familiar and I notice that the CD says it's a cover but does not mention who the original artist was. Hmmmm. Time for some hunting there. 'So Strange' I did not like as much as the other three, but the final track 'Here Comes the Rain' was right up my ally. As will the lead singer be if I ever get my paws on him. A ballad with airy vocals and memorable chorus, 'Here Comes the Rain' is most definitely throw-your-panties central. Ah.

Apparantly H Pisces is back in the studio recording, according to their website at [link=][/link], so I'll be snagging one of those in due course. All day dreaming aside, in my humble opinion I would say H Pisces - two thumbs up!

Samantha Seymour Freelance Writer

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