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Gates of Hell? Gates of Hell? The Gates of Hell?2/21/05

From: Linda Zapczynski
Category: Art
Date: 21 February 2005


Okay, The Gates aren't that bad.

But, in my opinion, the Gates is Christo's least imaginative project.

Not only did he pick the most high-profile city park in the world, but he didn't "wrap" it, as he did in his other works, or use another idea (like the umbrellas in Japan) to exemplify New York City.

He used what looks like, flags. In a great color, granted. And over 26 miles, which does create some drama, especially from an aerial view. But it still looks like flags (maybe different countries would be an idea, though not Christo-esque), something a park designer would add to a commercial site, to grab your attention.

It was nothing like the imaginative wrappings of Paris, Colorado, Australia and Florida, or the fascinating fence in California. And most were in a natural environment, contrasting the man-made art to the art of nature, a wonderful sight to see.

In gift shops and tourism, commercialism was pumped to the max, in a city of high excess. The hype was tremendous, as a tourist destination, and to fill the airwaves and newspapers, in a color the media drools for. New York City did well during those 16 days.

At least "Art" was in the news, for a change. Now if only the art museums can benefit from it, after a few rough years of lack of funds.

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