Playboys of the Western World (POWW) - "Playboys of the Western World'

From: Samantha Seymour, Freelance Writer
Category: Music
Date: 26 February 2005


A review by Samantha Seymour, Freelance Writer

Well well well. If it isn't a breath of fresh air. And not a day too soon. A Canadian postmark was the first thing I noticed as I unwrapped my latest present. And sure enough into my present come the Playboys of the Western World. Hmmm. Nice artwork, I wonder what it sounds like. A glance at the back cover tells me this is a packed disc. Nice.

The first track 'My World' seems to be a hard hitting melodic journey into the anxt surrounding life on Planet Earth as we know it, almost punk sounding but also mildly reminiscent of Mike Patton / Faith No More in places. I'll have some more of this I think to myself.

'Bitten' ensues, the second track. This is more my cup of tea. And the lyrics are meaningful for a change. And they're not about teen issues. No one's eaten the cat and everyone feels like their house is a home after all.

Track 3 'Forsaken' follows. Memorable song structure and harmonies in this piece are reminiscent of absolutely nobody. And that's a good thing. As 'Die' belts through my speakers I realise just how unique the production on this album seems to be. I discover that I don't have a criticism yet. That's odd. And then 'Decide' hits me between the eyes like an elvin arrow. This song is definitely a hit, certainly on this side of the pond. And I'm no pushover. Around this time that I realise this will end up being a very long review indeed if I do not switch to 'overview mode'.

As I let the rest of this album ferret through my speaker cables, I realise that I'm hearing no 'fluff'. The term 'fluff' is a late 20th century term which, when applied to music on an album, refers to 'album' or 'filler' tracks. And I can't hear any. There aren't any. Where are the filler tracks guys?

I sit back and lose track (literally) of where we are in the album. Then I really can't believe my ears. The Playboys launch into a cover version of the tyme old hit 'Happy Together'. A sense of humour too. And in London this is called 'large'. In Paris this is called 'tres cool'. And in Munich this is called 'gut'.

And so to summise, this disc is going into heavy rotation in the CD player of my undercover music journalist wagon. In short, the only question that springs to mind is "Where have you guys been hiding?"

For more info concerning the Playboys of the Western World, visit their website at www.playboysofthewesternworld.com.