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From: 10cc
Category: Art
Date: 04 March 2005


Art for Art's Sake's first art exhibition is titled 'Give Chester Art a Chance!' it is displayed at the historic Bishop Lloyd's Palace.

A group show of local artists from Chester to Liverpool. Over twelve professional and amateur with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

'Give Chester Art a Chance!' will hopefully bring like-minded people together, to help and support the cause of providing this City with an arts centre. In the long run we hope to achieve a place for the community to display their art, to house travelling, local, national and international exhibitions and provide workshops for artists. It all seems grandiose but if other towns and cities can provide this why can't we?


• Art for Art’s Sake is the working title for a community-based arts group that is committed to establishing a public/community visual arts centre for Chester. • The group was set up in early 2004 as the result of a public meeting organised by the Chester Civic Trust.


• Our aim is to provide Chester with a centre for visual and creative arts on a par with many similar towns and cities. • The centre will incorporate gallery space for local artists as well as for other exhibitors from Britain and overseas. Workshop space and cafeteria facilities will also be included if practicable. • Our purpose is to create an environment for the public, tourists, schools, colleges and universities to explore the diverse range of talent the visual arts has to offer. We will bridge the artistic diversions and disciplines without bias i.e. sculpture, pottery, the arts & crafts, printmaking, installation, contemporary and traditional painting. • Funding will be sought from the local community and surrounding businesses. • Our mission is to put Chester on the map for the arts to coincide with Liverpool’s ‘Capital of Culture’ in 2008.

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