Make me a supermodel on channel 5 UK

From: Fred
Category: TV
Date: 22 March 2005


There is a problem with this show. Not that it has exactly the same mannerisms as every other reality talent model live-in-a-house show. Not that it sets up as ideal anorexic people with regular features and large eyes. Not that Rachel Hunter is an unpleasant raddled has-been. Not it's tedious and casual cruely. No there is a greater problem than those.

The girls (sic, often) look nothing like supermodels are meant to. In fact they could almost be described as ugly, with bad skins and teeth, wonky faces, large chins, and nothing that modelish about them, let alone super. Ok I am sure they are prettyish and certainly skinny, but none of them have but the most mediocre potential. Unless England is an ugly nation content with ugly models (wadddaboot Kate, Naomi et al) then this show is a farce relative to even its own principles (or lack of them).