Re: Turner Prize 2004 Tate Britain UK, a long review not talking ...

Category: Art
Date: 23 March 2005


I totally disagree with the above 'review'. Being an art student myself, I am constantly on the search for new ideas and styles in contemporary art. Last year's Turner Prize shortlists may not have made the headlines like in previous years, but I sensed it was not all about controversy and media frenzy. It was more; this exhibition was about ordinary civilians and different cultures inaugurating a new type of art. Whereas in Britain, contemporary art has assigned itself to a media controlled, money driven business, where art is being limited by those who created it; the ruling class.

Why should art be limited to 'ugly' and 'beautiful'? Perhaps our urges to always criticize and judge are stifling our visions of what's really there. So what if didn't have the media telling us what to think? I was relieved for once to visit an exhibition where the art was speaking for itself, it gave me the opportunity to process my own interpretations.

The 2004 Turner Prize Exhibition was about expressing one's self through art and acknowledging events that are important to all of us, which we tend to ignore! Maybe it's time we took an uneducated look and use our intellible minds to assess these issues. That is after all, the objective of contemporary art; to allow the artworks to speak for themselves.